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Minggu, Juli 10, 2011

Tarra, this month i bought all of them. Only few 1 bought than other month. I have a lot of thing to buy, but i think they not important so i canceled them.
I booking a hair colour: Liese Platinum Beige, but it was already leaked. So i need to wait 2 week to have it again.

I dont use them,except tony tint: love it. [see image]
credit image : http://www.lizzbuenaventura.com

My Eyeliner

dolly wink eyeliner - must have. Easy draw, waterproof, easy to clean
 I love this eyeliner, but it expensive: IDR 170.000

ETUDE code B eyeliner - very thick, very waterproof, long lasting
Its my first eyeliner, but i think i dont like to use it for everyday. Because its so thick and hard to clean , make me have panda's eye.

NOTE: I can put image of comparison: dolly wink and code B - next time :)

ETUDE mask - pomegranate
Brighten and tighten skin like pomegranates! Pomegranate extracts provide resilience to dull and lifeless skin, revealing bright and gorgeous skin. *Pomegranates are made of sugars and organic acids, with tannin in the peel and natural plant estrogen in the fruit, that can leave skin bright and resilient.

Today i use this mask. So fresh
I dont know what kind of mask is good. So - no comment for this mask. But i like to use mask it makes me relax,

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