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Sabtu, Oktober 08, 2011

Liese Iron Make Collection-rich curl
  • Transforms frizzy hair quickly. No worries about heat damage!
  • Set the style of your hair instantly and it will hold all day. Enjoy great results, perfect for busy mornings!

Section off then curl
Create medium curls for your entire head.

Curl the hair surrounding your face
Create reverse curls for the sections of hair surrounding your face.

 Section off 
Hold up the upper layer of hair from your ear and fasten with a clip. Start curling from the bottom layer of hair.

Curl the hair ends
Glide the tong from the roots downwards and turn the tong once to create a half curl as you reach the hair ends.

next time. wanna dye my hair(for the first time)-platinum beige.

Baviphat: Purity Girl's Blusher #2
+ easy to apply
Skin food: Salmon Darkcircle Concealer
+easy to blend
+long way

Tony Moly: Nail Polish PT06

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