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Minggu, November 08, 2015

TheFaceShop Character Mask
New beauty trends on social media: FACE MASK SELFIE! Celebrities and online influencers are posting photo themselves using animal facial mask sheet. A lot of korean brand have animal mask, and now i will review one of animal mask:

Character Mask TheFaceShop

review TheFaceShop Character Mask
Review TheFaceShop Character Mask
I love this mask, it doesn't only hydrate but also brightens and nourishes the skin. 
TheFaceShop Character Mask
Character Face Mask
The mask available in 10 characters: Panda, Tiger, Dragon, Fox, Sheep, Honey (Pig), Cotton (Dog), Apple (Monkey), Horse Oil (Zebra), First Milk (Cow). My favorite is Tiger,

TheFaceShop Character Mask- Monkey
Ingredients: Hydrogenated caster oil, glycerin, panthenol.

TheFaceShop Character Mask- Tiger
How to use: 
1. After wash up and apply toner, take a sheet and spread it.
2. Apply it evenly on your face from eyes and nose area.
3. Wait 10~15 minutes and tap the residual for absorption.

TheFaceShop Character Mask- Sheep
These Character Mask are already available in TheFaceShop stores (Indonesia) since October. And they have discount Buy 2 Get 3. So do check them out and no more bored mask! 

Tarra we are wearing TheFaceShop Character Mask, mine: Sheep and his: Tiger. For the first time i use sheep mask i can't stop laughing. LOL~

Price  :  ★    
IDR 45.000
Function: ★    

Do i recommend this? Yes, for you who boring with face mask.  photo 35.gif



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2 komentar

  1. lucu animal sheet mask nya >///< yg the face shop lebih lengkap yah animalnya ^^

    Tori Chu

    1. iya lucu dan lengkap. baru nemu faceshop sih. Aku lom coba yang lain.


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